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How Quickly Are You Responding to New Patient Calls?

How Quickly Are You Responding to New Patient Calls?

Are you missing the critical response time window? 

Studies by Lead Response Management show that the optimal lead response time is about 5 minutes after the prospective patient reaches out to you. The odds of getting in contact with a prospective patient if you call back in 30 minutes (versus 5 minutes) drops by 100x. The odds of qualifying or securing a new patient exam drop by 21x if called back in 5 minutes, versus 30 minutes.

Every minute counts! If your front desk team isn’t able to answer every new patient call, or at least call back within 5 minutes, your chances of grabbing that new patient decrease significantly.

That goes for online new patient inquiries too. If a prospective patient submits an appointment request through your website, or your practice is running Facebook or Google Ads with request forms, those new patient inquiries should be answered within the optimal 5 minute window. 

How do you answer new patient calls and online form requests if your front desk team is busy?

Plenty of orthodontists have this question, and it’s a valid one. Your front desk team is busy checking patients in for their appointments, answering phone calls and emails, and focusing their attention on anything else they may have on their plate.

Attending to in-office patients often takes priority over phone calls, and that’s the way it should be. Your team wants to deliver the best possible in-office experience by dedicating undivided attention to every patient.  

Your team members are busy! They’re likely splitting their time 50/50 between in-office patients and prospective patient phone calls, but that means one way or another, something is being missed. Whether it’s a patient waiting for your team member to be free from the phone, or a new patient calling to schedule their first exam, one part of your patient experience may not be receiving 100% personal attention.

Why dedicate half the time to each patient, when your team could be dedicating 100% of their time to your in-office patients, without missing a single new patient phone call?

We saw a dire need for front desk team support and treatment coordinator support in orthodontic practices, and that’s when SmileSuite was born.

SmileSuite was created for orthodontists, by a successful orthodontist and leading practice consultant. We had firsthand experience with the frustrations of missing new patient phone calls and not responding to leads quickly enough, so we created a full suite of services that remedies these frustrations by answering all new patient calls and following up with online forms for your practice.

Don’t let prospective patient calls and online form submissions become missed opportunities. 

We help our orthodontic partners to do just that. We answer 100% of your new patient phone calls, and online form submissions—so they don’t turn into missed opportunities.

With our solutions, you and your team can rest assured that all of your new patient phone calls and online form submissions are being answered within the optimal lead response time. This significantly increases your chances of securing new patients, without diverting any attention from your in-office patients.

Whether your prospective patients call your practice inquiring about treatment, book their appointment through your Facebook ad or Google ad, or submit a request through your website, our concierge team will respond to their request so your team members can focus on the patients right in front of them.  

Whenever your prospective patients choose to reach out, even if it’s in the evening or on a weekend, our concierge team members (highly-trained and based in the U.S.) will answer the call, representing your practice with professional and friendly communications. We compliment your team by scheduling your new patients’ first orthodontic exams for you!

Our concierge team uses tried-and-true techniques to effectively nurture your patients from their first point of contact, until the moment they sign the contract. We support your team by giving your treatment coordinators a fair chance to secure new patients. 

With SmileSuite as your partner, your practice can engage with 100% of your prospective patients at the exact moments when they’re most likely to say “Yes!” to treatment. 

We ensure that 0% of your prospective patients (or leads) go cold. Keep them warm, keep them nurtured, and they’re far more likely to end up in your exam chairs.

Is your new patient (lead) response time up to par?

Your team shouldn’t have to do it all! You can focus on dedicating 100% of your team’s time and attention to your in-office patients, while 100% of your prospective patients also receive personalized attention from real orthodontic professionals. 

And we don’t stop at answering the phone or responding to an appointment request. Our trained professionals will gather your prospective patients’ health history and verify insurance information, while answering any questions they may have, and scheduling their new patient exam.

Your team will have full access to the software, so you can track your new patient communications and consultations at any time. Our solutions also include a world-class presentation system that your treatment coordinators can use to present treatment to new patients.

SmileSuite is the only fully customizable presentation solution that adapts to your way of presenting treatment and fees. It can automate your processes and improve your team’s performance—all while securing more starts.

If you’re ready to start seeing the results you’ve been waiting for, we encourage you to book a demo of SmileSuite today!

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