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Orthodontic Follow-Up Best Practices

qualifying orthodontic patients with SmileSuite

2 min read

The Importance of Qualifying Your Orthodontic Leads

Imagine this: A TikTok ad leads a prospective patient, Bob, to schedule an orthodontic consultation for your practice, believing it to be a solution...

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3 min read

How Many New Patient Calls is Your Practice Missing?

Did you know that 75% of people¹ who have a negative phone experience with a business (e.g. no one answers the phone) are likely to choose a...

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SmileSuite concierge member responding to a new patient lead

3 min read

How Quickly Are You Responding to New Patient Calls?

Are you missing the critical response time window? Studies by Lead Response Management show that the optimal lead response time is about 5 minutes...

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orthodontic post-consultation follow-up

3 min read

Effective Post-Consultation Follow-Up to Secure New Patients

So you got a new patient to visit you for a consultation… phew! The hard part is over. Does that mean your job is done and the deal is sealed? Not...

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1 min read

What Does A 15% Boost in Conversion 1 Hour a Week Add Up To?

How to Leverage the Time of Day to Maximize Patient Starts Ever wonder what time of day has the highest patient conversion rate? Believe it or not,...

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