What Does A 15% Boost in Conversion 1 Hour a Week Add Up To?

What Does A 15% Boost in Conversion 1 Hour a Week Add Up To?

How to Leverage the Time of Day to Maximize Patient Starts

Ever wonder what time of day has the highest patient conversion rate? Believe it or not, the time of day can affect how your patients make treatment decisions. Recently, scientists put this theory to test and early studies have shown that purchase decisions are influenced based the time of day. It’s an interesting metric for orthodontists to consider to rack up starts and gain a competitive edge.

But how do you easily track this metric?

Hmm, you can manually update spreadsheets, but manual processes are inconsistent and yield unreliable data. Your best option would be to use a smart system, such as SmileSuite, a presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts.

SmileSuite’s proprietary data engine, StartAlytics, allows orthodontists to dive deep into their patient data and see what time of day patients are saying “eyes” to treatment. Never before has this metric been tracked by other systems.

Finally, orthodontists can see if conversion rates differ between early morning consultations, the after-school rush, and the midday slump. By identifying the time of day patients are most likely to convert, orthodontists can match their highest converting patients to the highest converting time of day. It’s an easy optimization that maximizes starts, and makes your practice more profitable. Use SmileSuite’s data analytics to ramp up starts by reserving your highest converting time for your highest converting patients.

But that’s not all StartAlytics can track.

Here are a few other key data points that can help you make better business decisions:

  • Potential revenue of patients yet to start
  • Average accepted and unaccepted fees for each procedure type
  • Analysis of discount strategies
  • Patient conversion rates
  • Discount analysis to determine if discounts are helping conversions rate or are unnecessary costs
  • Volume of new treatment presentations
  • Top performers
  • Top selling treatments

With the click of a button, SmileSuite can display this information in real-time. No need for complicated reports or tedious spreadsheets. Are you ready to maximize your starts with big data?