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Why SmileSuite is Not Just a Call Center

Why SmileSuite is Not Just a Call Center

SmileSuite is far more than a call center!

Yes, we answer your practice’s new patient phone calls and communications, consistently and professionally – but no, we aren’t automated robots and no, we don’t stop answering the phone when your practice closes for the day.

There’s a reason SmileSuite is considered a revolutionary solution for orthodontists. White glove, end-to-end concierge services haven’t been done like this before. Call center services don’t even scratch the surface of what we can do for your practice!

So how is SmileSuite different from a call center? Let’s take a look.

SmileSuite offers 7 Days a Week, Night & Day Support

One of the main differences between SmileSuite and a call center? SmileSuite supports your practice 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends.

Our highly-trained concierge team will answer your new patient inquiries while your practice doors are open – and when they close for the day.

Do you have team members manning your practice’s front desk on weekends? How about in the evening, when your prospective patients are off work and ready to schedule their exam with you? Most practices don’t! That’s why we saw a need to create SmileSuite. Your practice won’t miss any new patient inquiries – and you can feel confident that you’re doing everything you can to secure new patients.

When you outsource with a call center (which comes with many of its own challenges), the call center agents most likely aren’t available on evenings and weekends, and lack special expertise in nurturing pending orthodontic patients.

SmileSuite specializes in orthodontics.

Do you want a general call center answering your practice’s phones and online inquiries? Do you trust a non-specialized call center agent to represent your brand accurately, professionally and consistently?

SmileSuite was created by orthodontists and orthodontic professionals, for orthodontists. We know the ins and outs of the orthodontic industry.

We’ll work with you to create a script that our experienced concierge team abides by, so we can ensure that we’re representing your brand the way you want and deserve for it to be represented.

The quality of your patient communications is fundamental to your practice’s success! Our concierge team members are trained extensively in nurturing pending patients with proven techniques and a personable, yet professional approach.

SmileSuite offers way more than call center services.

We don’t stop at answering your pending patient inquiries and scheduling exams for new patients. SmileSuite offers a full suite of services, with end-to-end support.

From the moment your prospective patient contacts you, to the moment they sign the treatment contract – we supplement your team, streamline your processes, and secure you more starts.

New Patient Intake

First, we answer your pending patient’s phone call. Then, we gather the potential patient’s insurance information and health history, and we contact their insurance provider to verify their insurance information.

How much time do our insurance verification services alone save your practice? Go from spending hours per week verifying insurance info to no time at all.

We ensure that your team has all of the information you need about each new patient before they show up for their exam.

World Class Presentation System

When your pending patient shows up for their initial exam, you present your treatment options on our world class, customizable presentation system. This streamlined approach helps to cut down consultation times and make for a more efficient appointment and a better patient experience!

Post-Consultation Patient Follow-Up

If your pending patient doesn’t start treatment, we follow up with them. We’ll email, text and call your prospective patients and address any barriers that may be stopping them from starting treatment.

With our powerful follow-up process, our professional team members will email and call your prospective patients at strategic intervals to encourage them to start treatment.

Here’s what our process looks like:

  1. 1 day post-consult: We give the prospective patient a call one day after their consultation to check in with them and address any apprehensions.
  2. 7 days post-consult: We then send the first email, along with a friendly text.
  3. 14 days post-consult: We send a second email and a second text, and we give them a friendly call.
  4. 28 days post-consult: We give the prospective patient a phone call, along with an email and a text message, to check in.
  5. 42 days post-consult: About a month after the consultation, we’ll make another phone call, deliver another email, and a text.
  6. 60 days post-consult: We deliver the final email to wrap up communications.

It sounds like a lot, we know! But with patient nurturing, consistency is key.

So, basically we handle everything – from contact to contract. Your team simply presents treatment, collects payment, and starts treatment. There isn’t a call center out there that provides the full suite of end-to-end services for orthodontists that we do.

While we do answer your practice phones, we also do a lot more than that.


Get started with SmileSuite today!

If you’re interested in hearing more, get to know what we’re all about. Check out our FAQs for answers to your questions, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need more information.


Book your free demo to get started with SmileSuite today.



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