Understand the ROI on Same-Day Start Discounts

Understand the ROI on Same-Day Start Discounts

If you’re like most orthodontists, you probably don’t know if your same-day start discounts have a positive ROI.

Sure, it’s a great strategy that may increase starts and reduce patient lag time (the time between the initial consultation and signing the contract) – but are these discounts improving your patient conversion rates OR draining your bottom line?

You need crystal clear data to really understand if your same-day start discount strategy is actually working. SmileSuite, an orthodontic presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts, will show you everything you need to know about your same-day discount strategy. The system’s powerful data engine, StartAlytics can track same-day start coupons and tell you which patients are using it, which procedures they are choosing, and most importantly, determine if these discounts actually result in an increase in patients starting.

Here’s how StartAlytics can help you understand the return on investment on your same-day start discounts:

‘¢ View the conversion rate of patients who are presented same-day discounts ‘“ take the guesswork out of determining whether or not your discount persuades patients to start treatment
‘¢ Determine the number of patients who started the same day ‘“ see the total number of patients that have redeemed the offer
‘¢ View the total amount in production the discount resulted in ‘“ track how much revenue the discount generated
‘¢ Go one step further and see how much profit your practice lost from the discount ‘“ tally up how much this discount is costing your practice.

These key metrics will help you optimize your discount strategy so you can keep more in your bottom line.

For example, you can run a test by decreasing the percentage of the discount you are currently offering, and see if it affects your patient conversion rates. SmileSuite will help you determine that sweet spot between a low cost discount, and maximum production and patient conversion rates.

These features are not available on any other system. SmileSuite is the only tool that can provide you with a pinpoint accurate assessment of ROI for same-day discounts.

Isn’t it time you gained clarity on your same-day start discounts with SmileSuite?