The Perfect Match – How to Pair Patients With Treatment Coordinators to Increase Starts

The Perfect Match – How to Pair Patients With Treatment Coordinators to Increase Starts

On any given day, your orthodontic practice may see a wide range of treatments, including everything from mild Class I crowding to extreme skeletal deformities. Every treatment is different, and obviously requires its own triage. No two cases are alike. And just like there are a variety of treatments and options, it’s important to also understand that the personalities, ages, and backgrounds of your patients also vary. The demographic makeup of each patient is unique.

“Why is this important?”

We’re glad you asked! You see, Treatment Coordinators may be more compatible with certain demographics over others. It’s important to understand how well your TCs convert patients along all demographic lines, so that the right TC is matched with the right patient. A perfect match could result in more starts.

But keeping track of TC conversion rates against patient demographics hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been nearly impossible’¦until SmileSuite, an orthodontic presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts. SmileSuite easily provides you with important metrics that will help you make smarter decisions, so that your orthodontic practice is more profitable. It is the only system that can track the conversion rates of your TCs based on in-depth patient demographics.

For instance, do you know how well your TCs performs with kids versus adults?

You can use SmileSuite to run reports on the performance of all your TCs based on patients’ age ranges. If you find that one TC performs very well with adults, you may want to match this TC with all adult patients that come in for a consultation. Another alternative would be to provide training to the TC on the demographic group they don’t connect well with. After making changes, be sure to check back with SmileSuite and see if there is an overall improvement in start rates.

Finally, there’s an easy way to make smart, data-driven decisions. Increase your starts with SmileSuite by matching patients to the perfect TC.