Insurance Verification Services

How much time does your front desk team spend verifying new patients’ insurance information each week?

Your team members may be on the phone for 30 minutes to an hour to verify insurance for each new patient.

Do you have enough team members in your office at any given time to dedicate one to patient insurance verification? Who’s answering new patient inquiries coming through the phone or through website forms when your team is on the phone with insurance providers?

It’s challenging for your team to do it all! We have a firsthand understanding of this inefficiency, which is why we provide professional insurance verification services for you. Save time verifying health information and tracking down financial information and insurance benefits for every new patient.

Go from spending hours per week verifying insurance info to no time at all – with a streamlined solution you can trust.

Save time and improve patient experience.

Those grueling phone calls spent with insurance providers? We’ll handle all of those. Your front desk team will be free to dedicate 100% of their attention to patients in your office.

When a new patient calls your office, one of our highly-trained concierge team members answers the phone. We represent your practice positively and professionally, operating as an extension of your team.

Our concierge team members are based in the U.S. and have extensive training and experience in nurturing new patients and prospective patients, gathering necessary patient information, and scheduling their initial exam. Our insurance verification team has been verifying insurance for over 15 years!

We’re not a typical call center; we’re a remote new patient services team designed by orthodontists and practice consultants, for orthodontists.

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How it Works  

1. A prospective patient reaches out to you via text, email, phone, or other communication media.

2. Our team of skilled, highly-trained professionals takes charge and answers your new patient inquiries. We represent your practice positively and professionally, using tried-and-true patient nurturing techniques. We schedule your new patient’s exam and gather their insurance information to verify their benefits.

3. Our insurance verification team is then able to confirm their benefits prior to their first appointment.

Your new patient is ready to go when they visit you, with all necessary information gathered, verified and stored in a single easy-to-access space.

We’re not bots! Your prospective patients will always speak to a real person.

Our goal is to gather all patient information during our phone call. If the prospective patient needs time to locate their insurance information, we send them links and reminders for them to fill out health information on their own.

All of your patients’ information will be consolidated and made available to your team in our state-of-the-art software system. We provide you with the information you need in order to get everything done at their consultation.

insurance verification after hours

What happens if a prospective patient contacts my practice after hours?

Don’t fear missing calls after hours! Part of the revolutionary SmileSuite system is orthodontic after hours service. Whether your prospective patients reach out to you during your open hours, after hours in the evening or on the weekend, our team is here to support you.

If your practice receives a new patient inquiry on the weekend, you’ll have all of their information already compiled and ready for you when you arrive at your desk Monday morning – (as long as the patient provides all information).

Open your SmileSuite documents at any time to see new patient exams scheduled and all patient information available for your orthodontists to familiarize themselves with the patient’s case and get started on their treatment plan before they arrive for their consultation.

Save time and secure new patients with SmileSuite.

SmileSuite is the first of its kind. As one of the most advanced orthodontic technologies available for new patient scheduling and insurance verification, our system has truly revolutionized orthodontic marketing.

We supplement your team by handling your patient intake processes and new patient communications. You’ll never miss a new patient phone call or track down new patients’ health information again.

We’ll show you the system, help your team adapt, and answer all of your questions.

Now only one question remains – what can your team do with all of the extra time SmileSuite saves you?

From insurance verification to new patient intake, post-consultation follow-up and after hours concierge services, we break down all the barriers stopping your patients from saying YES to treatment.

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A Complete Concierge System

100% of your new patients will receive 100% personalized attention from our professional concierge team—100% of the time.