Dr. Comella


Dr. Comella

First, it has changed the way we present starting with the quality of the presentation. Then having the ability to work with the patient families on the downpayment and monthly payments in an interactive way that they can adjust from home if needed to see what works best for them. The presentations look professional, clean, and break out the costs of each part of the treatment….I.E. Bracket Type, Expander or Bite Plate, Type of retainers with pictures of each.

Second, the follow up with pendings is amazing as this happens automatically with reminders to accomplish the tasks for each pending a patient who hasn’t committed to treatment. We have set up 4 contact methods with the interval as to when we need to accomplish this. This comes up every day for the TC to complete these tasks on a dashboard. No more losing track or forgetting to do something.

Third, and a little deeper in the program there are very useful analytics that keep track of conversions between treatment coordinators and different types of systems/appliances you use. The demographic data, allows us to focus more attention in the areas where we get better conversion rates, etc. The data is very comprehensive and there are so many more useful reports that are used to make better decisions.

Finally, the support from Kristen is so good too. There is a learning curve but she very patiently trains the team how to navigate it and it becomes easy to use within a few weeks.