How to Identify the Right Patients for Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

Is your orthodontic practice wasting a lot of time presenting treatment to patients who don’t convert?


In the last month, how many hours has your treatment coordinator spent presenting to patients who passed on treatment or went silent after the consultation? We don’t want to turn away business, but we can maximize profitability if we provide our top converting patients the best consultation times?

One solution is conducting virtual consultations.

It’s a growing trend where patients only visit the office for standard photos, x-rays, and models, followed by a video or teleconference for their treatment and financial options. This is usually reserved for low converting patients.

Easy way to save time? Definitely! But how do you know which patients are “low converting” and should receive a virtual consult? You could take a guess. But before you do that, think of your business as plane, and you are the pilot. Would you “guess” which direction to steer the plane? No way. Smart business decisions are not born from guesses. Smart businesses’ decisions are backed by data.

Meet SmileSuite, an orthodontic presentation system aimed at turning consults to contracts.

This powerful presentation system was created to help orthodontists steer their businesses in the right direction. Instead of guessing which patients are the ideal fit for virtual consultations, SmileSuite’s real-time data will reveal common patterns among patients who are less likely to start.

For example, log into SmileSuite and run reports of your conversion rates over the past three months. You’ll notice trends that you can use to determine the right candidates for virtual consults. Maybe adult patients referred from a certain referral source are your lowest converting patients. Maybe it’s patients form a particular zip code. With SmileSuite’s Startalytics you’ll be able to dissect the data with expert precision to identify your lowest converting patients and in turn, determine your best candidates for virtual consultations.

Thanks to SmileSuite, it’s now easy to identify which patients are ideal candidates for virtual consultations.