Don’t Miss Out on an Easy Way to Apply Same-Day Discounts

Presenting limited time offers is one of the oldest strategies in the marketing playbook.

It’s an effective way to get you to act now and think later because you don’t want to miss out on the offer. In other words, it triggers a sense of FOMO or “Fear of Missing Out”. Don’t believe us? Just think of the last time you made an impulsive purchase simply because of a discount that was set to expire immediately.

Orthodontists can also present limited-time offers in the form of same-day discounts.

It’s one way to get patients to start during the consultation, and reduce patient lag time. But how do you easily implement this discount strategy? Most importantly, how do measure its success, test it out amongst different procedures, and make the whole process easy-peasy for your Treatment Coordinator?

Say hello to SmileSuite, a presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts.

With SmileSuite, you can apply same-day discounts across all of your procedures, or you can target a particular procedure that you are trying to ramp-up. For example, if you’re targeting more clear aligner business, you can set-up same-day discounts only for this treatment. However you choose to implement it, the discount will automatically appear in the presentation. No extra effort or calculations are required from your Treatment Coordinator, and you can also make changes on the fly.

If you need help determining which procedures you should apply same-day discounts to, simply fire up SmileSuite’s data engine, StartAlytics, and run a real-time report to compare treatments with high and low conversion rates. You may want to test a same-day discount strategy with treatments that are not performing well. Within a month, you can log back in to StartAlytics and see if the conversion rate for the particular procedure has improved. SmileSuite can help pinpoint your ROI on Same-Day Discount strategy.

Ready to drive more starts with a smart same-day discount strategy? Don’t miss out on SmileSuite.

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How to lower hidden costs when recruiting and onboarding new Treatment Coordinators

Orthodontists need money to hire and onboard new employees.

Just ask the folks at Bersin and Deloitte whose recent study concluded that the average US employer spends nearly $4,000 to hire a new worker. When orthodontists tally up the cost to post on job boards, conduct background checks, plus the time it takes interview, train, and onboard candidates. The price of these hidden costs can add up quickly.


Reduced productivity among new hires

Another cost that can gnaw away at your practice’s profitability is the hidden cost that comes in the form of reduced productivity among new hires. It takes time for employees to settle into their new roles. This is especially true for Treatment Coordinators. They need to understand all your complex presentation rules, and feel confident in presenting appliances, treatment options, and payment plans. The learning curve is steep for Treatment Coordinators and costly for Orthodontists.

Considering today’s competitive landscape and high turnover among Treatment Coordinators ‘“ how do Orthodontists recruit and onboard TCs as efficiently as possible, minimize the time it takes to make them feel confident, and keep costs down? You could hire a TC with previous ortho or financial experience, but let’s face it, searching for candidates who fit either of these profiles is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Your best bet is to use SmileSuite, an orthodontic presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts.

SmileSuite minimizes the time it takes for new Treatment Coordinators to onboard and feel like a rock-star in your practice.

Its interactive features, such as photos and videos, make it easy for TCs to explain appliances and treatments ‘“ throwing the need for required orthodontic acumen out the window.

SmileSuite is also fully customizable so that practices can automate ALL of their presentation rules. This “plug and play” feature makes it easy for new TCs to create presentations and setup payment plans ‘“ getting it right every time. The new TC only needs to worry about capturing important patient data and connecting with patients on a personal level . . . SmileSuite will take care of the rest.

Minimize your hidden costs and make your new Treatment Coordinator’s onboarding easy peasy with SmileSuite.

The Perfect Match – How to Pair Patients With Treatment Coordinators to Increase Starts

On any given day, your orthodontic practice may see a wide range of treatments, including everything from mild Class I crowding to extreme skeletal deformities. Every treatment is different, and obviously requires its own triage. No two cases are alike. And just like there are a variety of treatments and options, it’s important to also understand that the personalities, ages, and backgrounds of your patients also vary. The demographic makeup of each patient is unique.

“Why is this important?”

We’re glad you asked! You see, Treatment Coordinators may be more compatible with certain demographics over others. It’s important to understand how well your TCs convert patients along all demographic lines, so that the right TC is matched with the right patient. A perfect match could result in more starts.

But keeping track of TC conversion rates against patient demographics hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been nearly impossible’¦until SmileSuite, an orthodontic presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts. SmileSuite easily provides you with important metrics that will help you make smarter decisions, so that your orthodontic practice is more profitable. It is the only system that can track the conversion rates of your TCs based on in-depth patient demographics.

For instance, do you know how well your TCs performs with kids versus adults?

You can use SmileSuite to run reports on the performance of all your TCs based on patients’ age ranges. If you find that one TC performs very well with adults, you may want to match this TC with all adult patients that come in for a consultation. Another alternative would be to provide training to the TC on the demographic group they don’t connect well with. After making changes, be sure to check back with SmileSuite and see if there is an overall improvement in start rates.

Finally, there’s an easy way to make smart, data-driven decisions. Increase your starts with SmileSuite by matching patients to the perfect TC.