Built and Run by a Board-Certified, Entrepreneurial Orthodontist

Our founder, Dr. Anthony V. Bonavoglia, built his orthodontic practice, focusing on the highest level of personalized patient care. Voted an up-and-coming entrepreneur in Hudson Valley, NY, Dr. Bonavoglia was inspired to put his passions to work and help orthodontists around the world.

Dr. Bonavoglia experienced the need for a better presentation system and tools that would allow orthodontists to gain actionable insights and supplement their patient follow-up process to ensure that no pending patients are missed before they reach the exam chair.

Dr. Bonavoglia’s genuine interest in technology, and his dedication to growth and consistent improvement, are deeply embedded in the SmileSuite culture. We are persistent in updating our systems and softwares for the better, and we are always looking toward opportunities for growth and change.
Our personal dedication to growing our own team and suite of services fuels our commitment to helping your practice experience growth at scale.

About The Complete SmileSuite System

The SmileSuite system is made of a few integral pieces—our customizable software, world-class service, and experienced concierge team. Each part compliments the next, creating an end-to-end patient follow-up and management system.

We collaborate with your team and other marketing agencies to maximize the impact of your marketing dollars.

It’s our goal to provide professional, high-quality, friendly services for practices and patients. When we say, “we’re not like the rest”, we really mean it. We’re not a call center. We’re not an automated bot system.

We are real professionals, based in the U.S., with exclusive training in orthodontics, remote new patient services, and ortho patient communication.

We give you the best chance to secure new patients by filling in the blanks. We know you’d fill in the blanks if you had the time, but you simply don’t have the time. That’s why we’re here.

Want to experience the Complete SmileSuite System for yourself?
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Meet Your Concierge Team

Our concierges are highly-trained, with experience in orthodontic care. You can rest assured that they know how to best communicate with your patients and how to represent your practice in a professional, personable manner.

Each prospective patient that reaches out to your practice will be guided through the process of scheduling an appointment. Once they attend their initial exam, if they don’t start treatment, our concierge team will keep in touch with them, providing them all of the resources and information they need in order to feel comfortable starting treatment.

Trained by the renowned orthodontic consultant Jill Allen, our concierge team uses a carefully-designed script and follow-up process, both proven to generate more starts.

We use your scripting. For any questions that your prospective patients may have, our team has the knowledge necessary to answer them.