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Please take a minute or two to hear one of our clients talk about how SmileSuite has improved their daily workflow and boosted their new patient starts. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for on this page, we are happy to schedule a demo to walk you through how SmileSuite can work for your practice!

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Your current presentation methods might be ‘getting the job done’ but that won’t generate the results you want to see in today’s competitive environment. You could still type with a typewriter, but I think we all agree there’s a better way.

SmileSuite is a modernized solution for orthodontists to improve their start numbers by ensuring that no patients are lost, from initial contact to the signing of the contract.

SmileSuite is the only fully customizable presentation solution that adapts to your way of presenting treatment and fees. It can automate your processes, improving your teams performance, all while getting more starts.

Would you fly a plane blindfolded? We don’t think so! So why would you run your practice in the dark? Having access to important data points can help orthodontists make informed business decisions. Our key metrics and data consultants will help you understand where you need to make improvements so that your practice runs more efficiently and gets more patients to start.

Yes, we have a friendly support desk on standby.

After your initial consultation, you will be given a questionnaire that will allow us to customize SmileSuite for your practice. Upon returning your questionnaire, we typically have SmileSuite up and running for your practice in less than a week.

Yes, we make the onboarding process easy. We will train your staff, even though SmileSuite is already very easy to use.

Concierge Team

No, we are real live human beings and provide great customer service to your patients.

Yes. SmileSuite was created by orthodontists and treatment coordinators with experience in converting patients to starts. Not only do we understand the needs of orthodontic patients, we are also experts at the pending patient follow-up process. By following best practices, we will work hard to get more patients to say yes to treatment.

Of course! You can divvy up the follow up among your team or SmileSuite Concierge Team. You can set these tasks up via your pending patient tree or schedule them ‘on the fly’.

Of course! The SmileSuite Patient Hub was designed to provide you with full transparency. You will see all correspondence between your Concierge Team and your patient.

Working as a Team

Practice management systems do not have the capability to support the information and communication systems that your Concierge Team will need to be effective in converting patients to Starts.

We use a tried and true system to follow up with new patient leads. We have the ideal recipe taken from the guidance of Jill Allen & Associates and our research.

We have methods and systems in place so that no patient gets left behind.

Getting started with SmileSuite is a breeze. We will work with your team to create an effective follow-up protocol and train your team to use the SmileSuite presentation program. All training is included in your monthly subscription fee.

Yes, SmileSuite is fully compliant with HIPAA and CTPA laws.

Book your demo today to learn about our on boarding process. You’ll wonder how you’ve gotten along all these years without one. Pending patient follow-up suddenly won’t seem so bad, and your practice will experience increased patient starts. Hiring SmileSuite is a win-win!

A Complete Concierge System

100% of your new patients will receive 100% personalized attention from our professional concierge team—100% of the time.