New Feature: No Show and Cancelation Management!

Life can be hectic, no shows and cancelled appointments are inevitable – but now they don’t have to mean the end of the line for your prospective new patient.

If your patient no shows or cancels their New Patient Exam, you can re-engage them in our system with just a few clicks. Our team will take it from there, contacting the patient for an additional 2 weeks (5 touchpoints) in effort to rebook their appointment.

As always, you can rest assured that our team will represent your practice in a professional and polite manner with personalized follow up for each patient. If the patient has a reason for not wanting to reschedule, we will note in there profile to communicate with your team.

Here’s how to initiate no show or cancelation follow up in the SmileSuite app:


If you’re a software only customer and interested in no show or cancelation follow up, please contact Kristen. If you’re interested in the SmileSuite concierge system as a whole, book a free demo here.