New Feature: No Show and Cancelation Management!

Life can be hectic, no shows and cancelled appointments are inevitable – but now they don’t have to mean the end of the line for your prospective new patient.

If your patient no shows or cancels their New Patient Exam, you can re-engage them in our system with just a few clicks. Our team will take it from there, contacting the patient for an additional 2 weeks (5 touchpoints) in effort to rebook their appointment.

As always, you can rest assured that our team will represent your practice in a professional and polite manner with personalized follow up for each patient. If the patient has a reason for not wanting to reschedule, we will note in there profile to communicate with your team.

Here’s how to initiate no show or cancelation follow up in the SmileSuite app:


If you’re a software only customer and interested in no show or cancelation follow up, please contact Kristen. If you’re interested in the SmileSuite concierge system as a whole, book a free demo here.

SmileSuite rep showing smilesuite to woman at conference booth

Will We See You at These Upcoming Conferences?

Come check out our booths, sign up for a free demo of SmileSuite, and keep an eye on our social media for giveaways and prizes!

Experience our new SmileSuite brand for the first time. We rebranded from Startaloo to SmileSuite to better convey our full suite of services – a white glove, end-to-end concierge patient follow-up system for orthodontists. (That was a mouthful, but we really do it all.)

With SmileSuite, you can rest assured that 100% of your new patients will receive 100% personalized attention from our professional concierge team—100% of the time.

See our new brand come to life at Mother of Pearls Conference and Orthopreneurs Summit.


Mother of Pearls Conference Sept 9-11 Minneapolis, MN

Mother of Pearls is hosting their 3rd annual orthodontic conference, featuring 30 guest speakers and 70 exhibits created for orthodontists, by orthodontists. This conference gives orthodontists around the country a chance to unite and gain some valuable knowledge for your practice.

We’ll be there! Come visit us at booth #26!

Orthopreneurs Summit October 7-10 Denver, CO

SmileSuite is heading to this year’s Orthopreneurs Summit too! Featuring dozens of experts, Orthopreneurs provides new tools and fresh ideas to help you grow your practice, further develop your profession, and inspire personal growth and success.

Come see us at booth #TBD!

We’ll see you there!

Startaloo is Now SmileSuite!

Still your end-to-end concierge solution to take your patients from Contact to Contract

We may have a new name and look, but our our #1 goal hasn’t changed. We’re here to get you more starts. We are still the first-of-its-kind concierge system that eliminates inefficiencies in the new patient outreach and follow-up process for orthodontists – with white-glove service by a specialized Virtual Concierge team.

Why the name change?

Since Startaloo’s inception, we have evolved our solution to match the ever changing needs and priorities of our clients—just like you do for your patients. Our roots in post-consult follow-up and pending patient engagement strategies are still a core tenant of how we help our clients, and now the Smile Suite system takes nurturing your patient leads even further.

We feel that our new brand more accurately represents our holistic approach of blending modern technology with genuine, personalized concierge service that has proven most effective for keeping practices busy and patients happy—and thus, SmileSuite was born.

Our full suite of services features

  • 100% around-the-clock follow up by our professional concierge team
  • Comprehensive pre-appointment nurturing with health history collection and insurance verification
  • A world class presentation system and robust software
  • Ongoing post-consult engagement for pending patients

With SmileSuite, 100% of your new patients will receive 100% personalized attention by a trained concierge who represents your brand positively and professionally.

What can current clients expect with this rebrand?

Other than our software system showcasing our new name and logo, you can expect the same level of service, experience and value that we’re known for providing. Our services are only going to get better as we continue to build out our suite of solutions.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at

Which insurance carrier should I consider dropping?

As a business decision, being “in-network”  with insurance carriers can make sense to increase new patient traffic into your office. Often times, practices plan on selectively dropping out of particular PPO plans once they get busy enough that they don’t need to continue to accept the reduced contracted payment schedule. What we see, though, is that often this decision is made by emotion rather than objective decision making.

For most, it comes down to two assumed factors:

  1. Dropping a plan because it is the lowest negotiated rate
  2. Assuming that you don’t have too many patients with this plan

Often these assumptions missed a much deeper understanding that should go into making this important decision making process:

  • How much did the practice produce from these insurance plans?
  • What was the exact cost to the practice for being in-network with the plan (Perhaps I’m discounting full treatment by $500/patient for this plan but 50 patients started this year)?
  • Am I dropping a plan that has highly qualified patients (are they converting at a high rate)?
  • What effects will dropping this insurance plan have on my referring doctors?
  • What geographical location are these patients coming from?
  • When given the choice between braces with the lower fee schedule and a procedure with a higher fee schedule, which option is the patient selecting?

Contact us before you are going to make a decision about dropping an insurance plan so we can help you put quantitative data behind your decision.

“Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong” – Suhail Doshi Mixpanel CEO


calendar that says follow up

Best Practices for Following Up with Pending Ortho Patients

In an ideal world, patients will start the same day they are presented treatment. But the reality is that most patients need some time to consider their options. According data collected by SmileSuite, approximately 29% of patients across all practices will have a same-day-start. But what about the remaining 70% of patients? Investing in orthodontic treatment is not like shopping for a candy bar. It’s a considerable investment, so many patients need time to weigh their options. There are three important phases of the patient’s journey that all orthodontists should be aware of:

  • Phase 1: Discovery – This is when a patient discovers you through your marketing content and learns more about your practice
  • Phase 2: Consideration – During this phase, a patient attends a consultation and is considering treatment
  • Phase 3: Decision – This typically takes place after they leave the consultation room, and it’s the phase when patients decide whether or not to start treatment

Maximize patient starts with SmileSuite’s done-for-you service. Click here to learn more about our game-changing technology and service that ensure’s perfect follow-up. 

Throughout the patient’s journey, the third phase is the most important, and successful orthodontists who have a solid follow-up process are the ones most likely to get the patient to say, “eyes.”  If you don’t have consistent and timely follow-up protocols, you’ll see patients drop-off during this critical phase, costing your practice thousands of dollars a year.

The challenge for many practices is dedicating the time and the resources to follow-up. For a treatment coordinator, this requires finding time to make phone calls or send follow-up emails, all while attending new patients. Your TCs are busy, so it’s easy to forget, or put new patient follow-up on the back burner.

Luckily, SmileSuite, an orthodontist presentation system aimed at turning consults to contracts, makes the follow-up process easy and requires minimal effort on your end. We recently assisted a client by updating and completing their follow-up auto-tasks. The result? They added over $100k to their production calendar! Click here to request a free demo, and in the meantime, check out these tips aimed at improving your follow-up and increasing patient starts.

  1. Create a standardized system that maps out your follow-up touchpoints and implement this system across all pending patients. This system is essentially a schedule on when you plan to follow-up. For example: Day 1 after initial consultation: Make a follow-up call; Day 3 after initial consultation: Send follow-up email.
  2. Vary your follow-up across different platforms. Follow-up by email, phone, and text messages. This maximizes your exposure and ensures you stay on the patient’s radar.
  3. Don’t give up. Most practices make the mistake of stopping their follow-up a couple of weeks after the initial consultation. SmileSuite has found that successful follow-up protocols should run the span of approximately seven touch points spread out over the span of two months.

It’s time you made your follow-up process more efficient. Let SmileSuite work on your behalf.

SmileSuite helps orthodontists create flexible treatment presentations so they can start more patients, maximize profits, and make data-driven decisions with ease.


Calendar with yellow highlighted weekend

How to Leverage the Time of Day to Maximize Patient Starts

Ever wonder what time of day has the highest patient conversion rate?

Believe it or not, the time of day can affect how your patients make treatment decisions. Recently, scientists put this theory to test and early studies have shown that purchase decisions are influenced based the time of day. It’s an interesting metric for orthodontists to consider to rack up starts and gain a competitive edge.


But how do you easily track this metric? Hmm, you can manually update spreadsheets, but manual processes are inconsistent and yield unreliable data. Your best option would be to use a smart system, such as SmileSuite, a presentation system aimed at turning consults into contracts.

SmileSuite’s proprietary data engine, StartAlytics, allows orthodontists to dive deep into their patient data and see what time of day patients are saying “yes” to treatment.

Never before has this metric been tracked by other systems. Finally, orthodontists can see if conversion rates differ between early morning consultations, the after-school rush, and the midday slump. By identifying the time of day patients are most likely to convert, orthodontists can match their highest converting patients to the highest converting time of day. It’s an easy optimization that maximizes starts, and makes your practice more profitable.

But that’s not all StartAlytics can track.

Here are a few other key data points that can help you make better business decisions:

— Potential revenue of patients yet to start
— Average accepted and unaccepted fees for each procedure type
— Analysis of discount strategies
— Patient conversion rates
— Discount analysis to determine if discounts are helping conversions rate or are unnecessary costs
— Volume of new treatment presentations
— Top performers
— Top selling treatments

With the click of a button, SmileSuite can display this information in real-time. No need for complicated reports or tedious spreadsheets. Are you ready to maximize your starts with big data?

SmileSuite helps orthodontists create flexible treatment presentations so they can start more patients, maximize profits, and make data-driven decisions with ease.